Republica Graduates Fuel the Creative Economy

We deliver the future luminaries of business, digital and graphic design, beauty and interior design.

Who We Are

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Republica Graduates Fuel the Creative Economy

We deliver the future luminaries of business, digital and graphic design, beauty and interior design.

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The Importance of Lifelong Learning

We use an agile course development model, so our graduates’ capabilities are on par with the demands of the industry. Our boutique size allows us to adjust the content of our courses quickly, as new technical proficiencies become desirable. We instill the importance of lifelong learning in all of our students. The workplace training courses we have developed with some of our industry partners further cement this philosophy of education as an ongoing process.

Channel Students’ Creativity

Our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to adapt nimbly to the changing demands of their industries. Whether it be entrepreneurship or graphic design, beauty therapy, interior decoration or digital marketing, Republica is there to help students channel their creativity into exciting and viable careers.


Taught by Renowned Experts of Their Field

Our course models are designed to adapt to the industry’s demands, ensuring our graduates stay relevant in the ever-changing creative landscape.

We do more than cover off the standard curriculum prescribed for vocational education courses. We overlay the acquisition of these practical skills with a teaching style that is inspirational by design. Because our staff are expert communicators, they deliver lectures that feel like TED talks, while still equipping students with the hands on knowledge they require to thrive in the contemporary workforce.

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We Align Ourselves with The Best

From their first day of study, we want our students to have a relationship with their future industry, so that when they join the workforce they’re fully prepared. Industry luminaries deliver guest lectures, masterclasses, speak with students and act as mentors at all Republica schools. We align ourselves with the best in the business so as to create the best possible opportunities for our students.

World-class Schooling Facilities

Tractor Design School, Beauty EDU, BSchool, CG Spectrum and Mercer School of Interior Design were built with a mission to deliver the next generation of professionals in their respective industries.

Our boutique, contemporary campuses have been designed to further prepare students for their future employment. We have world-class schooling facilities, but the look and feel of our schools has more in common with a modern workplace than with educational norms.

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